Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No girls 

The girls were with me but none cared to take any pictures with me. My family was in town so they just wanted to rush to Nana’s house to see everyone. I know these stockings are not my skin tone but I am always rushing to get to church on time. 

Dress thrifted 

Shoes Steve Madden



Monday, April 23, 2018

The cycle begins again 

I remember there was a time when Sassy didn’t want to take any pictures. If you took her picture she would make a face, start yelling, or run off. And now Baby is going through the same exact thing except she like "No Pictures" and she mean that. She leaves when we are taking pictures or just covers her face. So I do not get much pictures of here these days. But think time I am not worried because Sassy grew out of it. 


Dress target $17, or close 

Stocking local beauty supply store $2

Shoes LIT boutique $99 


Dress American Apearel $5

Shoes DSW $10

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Vintage dresses have my heart 

We made it to Sabbath School for the girls ontime today. The only thing we did different is there dresses and cardigan was picked out the night before and we didn’t cook a big breakfast. Hopefully we can keep it up. Didn’t get any pictures of the girls today in there outfits, jammed packed day and the girls were having to much fun. As for my stockings it was the only pair I could find. I know it’s not my skin color but I thought it worked out well

Only picture I took os Sassy participating in Sabbath School class. Please excuse her hair. I had a thick velvet headband on. My friend even started to take out her braids today to give me no excuse not to do her hair over. 

Dress Vintage thrifted 

Shoes Nine West 



Saturday, April 14, 2018

Very Happy Sabbath 

Today was a great day. My sister is in town for my mom’s Birthday. My mom came to church for the first time in a very long time. Just all smiles today. 

Me, brother, mom, and sister. 

 Dress thirfted

Shoes Steve Madden

Sassy loves this coat she got from her Aunty for her birthday. 


Coat target (3 years ago, use to be Sassy’s)


Coat Target


Dress vintage thrift 

Shoes Clark’s 


Dress vintage thrift (use to be Sassy’s but with her long legs she only got like one wear out of it because it was too short)

Shoes BabiesRUs (I can’t believe they are closing)



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Missing my girls 

It’s is always nice to take a break alone with out the kids sometimes. I love traveling but of lately anything past two days I am like I want my girls. FaceTime don’t cut it no more. Now they old enough to say mommy where are you? (Insert sad face)

Before I left Sassy over heard that I was leaving. And she let me have it at daycare in front of the daycare provider and the parents. Her hands were up in the air and ended with “No No No Go home mama”. With that said no trips for me unless I can take my girls. So I guess that will be 2019 because I am not ready for the both of them on my own. When I am holding Baby, Sassy wants to be held. What happens with Sassy has to go to the bathroom. Nope I am not ready yet so I will just stay home. 

This month was kid birthday partie every weekend. And the invites are coming for next month already. 

Their Grandma got them their dresses

Cardigans Target 

Shoes Clark’s (they have wide feet)

This was the girls first time to Chuck E Cheese. Baby did not want no parts to do with the rat. She gets that from her mama. At my age now, I still don’t want nothing near me dressed up in a costume. It just gives me the chills. 

Sassy had a blast. 

Baby did not care for that ride. She wanted it done. It was strange to me because she like fast moments. When we hit a bump in the car she is like yay go faster mama. 

Top and bottom from Crazy 8 

Sassy’s footwear Tjmax

Socks L&M 

Baby’s footwear Target (saved them from Sassy)



Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mommy in PR

Vacation for a week!!! Let me stop. I am missing my girls so bad. I was in Walmart today looking at parents and there children. Seen fruit snacks and nearly cried. Sassy love fruit snacks. 

This outfit reminds me of my lil cousin, Sharna. She don't get how I shop. Sometimes I don't either. I will not spend $30 on a top but when it comes to bags and belts it's another story. Congratulations Sharna! She is now a lawyer and been working for herself for that last year. Go girl! Yes she's a baller when she go shopping. Take your big cousin shopping. 


Top Walmart 

Skirt H&M

Bag and flip flops Valentino

I have one of these on and it really works. I love it and can really be reused. Nubra 



Friday, August 11, 2017

Sister love 

I love how they love each other. Baby was was not feeling well and couldn't make it to the party. After hour away Sassy was asking for Baby. Before we left she made sure she got a gift bag for Baby. 

The pant I have on, I got on my trip to Dubai. I wanted the whole set but I am as like not for the that price. Zara has a sale and I ordered the blazer and a jeans jacket too. 


Swimsuit Target 

Foot wear Walmart 


Dress Primark

Footwear Babierus 


Outfit Calvin Kline

Footwear Target (from big sister)


Top Rainbow's (bodysuit)

Pants Zara

Footwear Steve Madden (old)

Xoxo Tay